Full name

Ellie Land


Animation Director & Designer


Ellie Land is an international award winning director in the fields of animation and documentary.


Ellie Land is an international award winning animation director and senior lecturer in animation at Northumbria University. She practices and undertakes research in the fields of animation and documentary. Ellie has an MA from the Royal College of Art.

Her work is renowned for portraying difficult subject matters using animation. Bold and innovative, her films are rooted in collaboration with those her films are about.

Ellie's body of work has been showcased at international animation festivals such as Ottowa, Hiroshima, and Fantoche (Basel) and have been curated at exhibitions at the V&A and ICA. She is represented by the British Council.

Her most recent work, Sleepless (2015), stems from a two year dialogue with circadian biologist Professor Peter Oliver and uses animation to explore the links between mental health and disrupted sleep. The film will be released in February 2016 as part of the touring program, Silent Signal, commissioned by Animate Projects and supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Ellie is currently working with with director Iain Cunningham on the part-animated feature documentary, Irene’s Ghost. The film is supported by the British Film Institute and the Wellcome Trust and is due for release in 2016.

You can find ellie on twitter @ellieland1